What Would the Blight Bill Do?

(Download the proposed "Blight Bill" here.)  

  • Create fines of $250 a-week-until-it's-fixed for ANY code violation in a rental or vacant property that isn't repaired in 30 days.

  • Appeals go to the L&I Review Board, an all-volunteer group appointed by the Mayor.

  • The city can foreclose on the house to collect the fines.

  • Increase annual fines on vacant residential properties up to $18,000+ a year.

We are residents, churches, and community organizations working together for policies that will help our neighborhoods.

Let's Get It Right On Blight! 

On Monday Nov. 4, the Finance and Economic Development Committee will meet to vote on passing the Blight Bill out of Committee.

On Nov. 7, Wilmington City Council will vote on the Blight Bill and the first step in an alternative approach: the Vacant Property Maintenance Standards Bill, which would require all vacant properties, including city-owned, to be kept clean, secure and watertight or face steep fines.

What is a Better Aternative?

  • Limit fines of $250 a-week-until-it's-fixed to major health and safety code violations in rental and vacant properties.  Giving L&I the power to fine without court oversight only for major problems will help keep L&I focused on problem landlords who neglect their properties. 

  • Leave enforcement of minor code violations under the current system, which provides for court oversight of L&I fines. This will provide decent landlords who have minor code violations and want to do the right thing with reasonable timelines for compliance.

  • Reinstate pre-rental property inspections (required under current law but L&I stopped doing them over 10 years ago), so that every tenant moves into decent housing.

  • Create fines of $250 a-week-until-it's-fixed-for vacant properties that aren't kept clean, secure, and watertight. If these three things aren't done, vacant properties quickly become nuisance properties. 

Vote NO On Blight Bill
Call City Council: 576-2140

Take Action! Contact City Council and ask them to Vote No on the Blight Bill and Vote Yes on the Vacant Property Maintenance Standards Bill. Find contact information for your City Council member here. Find a map of the districts so you can locate your City Council member here.

Attend the FInance and Economic Development Committee Meeting at 5 PM on Monday Nov. 4 and make a public comment.

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