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Renter's Guide to the "Blight Bill"

News Flash:

As a result of resident feedback, Ordinance 19-026 has been revised. Download the revised ordinance here.

In the revised version, there are no code violation fines for renters and no fines for renters for not letting a code inspector into your house. Find the definition of who can get fines for housing code violations here.

But Ordinance 19-026 needs work!​ 

More than 150 people said their concerns at the public hearing on May 29th, but the Committee voted 2-1 to pass the ordinance for a full council vote without any further changes.

Instead of proposed "Blight Bill" Ordinance 19-026, Wilmington needs a balanced set of policies to improve housing and stabilize neighborhoods. Find more information on better alternatives here: Code Reform that Works

Speak Up!

Call City Council at (302) 576-2140 and Ask Them to Vote NO on Ordinance 19-026 (Agenda Item #4654) and ask for the community to be involved in creating a balanced set of policies to improve housing and strengthen neighborhoods!

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